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We know that exposure to high degrees of radiation and specific chemicals can cause breast cancer, predicated on laboratory and epidemiologic research, but it’s very hard to detect the consequences of low level, common exposures in the general population, particularly if the critical time frame for such exposures is usually early in life. The Sister Study will collect samples of blood, urine, toenails, and household dust to measure many different bio-markers of environmental exposures. Explained Sandler, As we age, we accumulate exposures.Methods Study Oversight The trial was designed and overseen by a steering committee that included academic investigators and employees of Boehringer Ingelheim. The role of Eli Lilly was limited to cofunding the trial. Protection data were reviewed by an independent educational data monitoring committee every 90 days or at the discretion of the committee. Cardiovascular final result events and deaths had been prospectively adjudicated by two clinical-occasions committees , as suggested by the meals and Medication Administration guidelines.9 A list of committee and investigators members is offered in Sections A and B, respectively, in the Supplementary Appendix, which is available with the full text of the article at NEJM.org. The trial was conducted relative to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and the the International Meeting on Harmonisation Great Clinical Practice guidelines and was approved by local authorities.