1 The retractions came only a few months after BioMed Central.

The firms mentioned above offering fake peer evaluations all result from China and countries in Southeast Asia, and most of the authors involved in these full cases come from the same areas. But it would be a mistake to look at this simply because a Asian or Chinese problem. The nagging problem may be the perverse incentive systems in scientific publishing. As long as authors are rewarded for publishing many content articles and editors are rewarded for publishing them quickly, new means of gaming the original publication models will be invented more quickly than new control measures can be put in place..‘NOF is definitely thrilled to work with AdvaCAL as a proceeds partner,’ stated Amy Porter, National Osteoporosis Base Executive Director and CEO. ‘Several risk factors have been recognized for osteoporosis, including individuals not getting enough vitamin and calcium D. Calcium is the building block of supplement and bone D is important because it helps the body use calcium. Many of the choices you make each complete day make a difference your bones. By making healthier options you can help to reduce your risk of osteoporosis as well as the painful fractures it could cause.’ she continued.