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De Quervain tendinitis

A tendon is thick, bendable tissue that connects muscle to bone. Two tendons run from the back of your thumb down the side of your wrist. De Quervain tendinitis is caused when these tendons are swollen and irritated. More about your injury De Quervain tendinitis can be caused by playing sports such as tennis, golf, or rowing. Constantly lifting children […]

WHO issues criteria for identifying new respiratory virus

The World Health Organization has issued guidelines for identifying possible cases of a new SARS-related respiratory virus found in two people from the Middle East. In a news release issued Tuesday, WHO said it has received no reports of additional cases of the ?novel? coronavirus, which belongs to the same family as SARS and the common cold. The health organization […]

Economic Scene – In Richmond, Va

Economic Scene – In Richmond, Va., Health Cuts With Little Effect on Care RICHMOND, Va. Enlarge This Image Jay Paul for The New York Times Peter Bernard wants to expand Bon Secours, the health care system he leads, in Virginia. Related Times Topics: Health Care Reform At the heart of the health care debate is the question of whether it’s […]