6th Digital Pharma &amp.

For the sixth time Microsoft and its partners will be keeping the Digital Pharma & Life Sciences conference. The lecture exhibition and event is targeted at the pharmaceutical, life and chemical substance sciences industries, showing current tasks and innovative technology that support higher sustainability, cost efficiency and competitiveness in and through IT. IT has turned into a critical competitive factor as an instrument for sustainable environment and environmental safety. The framework is defined by worldwide initiatives by sectors and governments: for instance more than 500 investors request global listed companies to report their CO2 relevant business data through the Carbon Disclosure Task from the UK.‘Overall, marijuana misuse or dependence rose by 22 % from 1991 – 1992 to 2001 – 2002. This means that there have been 800 approximately,000 even more adults in the United States with marijuana misuse or dependence in 2001 – 2002. Furthermore, marijuana abuse or dependence was more prevalent among Whites than among minorities in 1991 – 1992, but by 2001 – 2002 the differences in misuse and dependence prices among the various ethnic groups had narrowed considerably. This change was because of increases of 224 % among young African-American men and women aged 18 – 29, and 148 % among young Hispanic guys aged 18 – 29.’ The upsurge in potency of marijuana over the last decade could be partly responsible for the drug’s increased abuse and dependence, particularly since marijuana use patterns have not changed over this period.