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The abstinence-only system was based on sociable psychology theories about what motivates behavior. It motivated abstinence in an effort to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted illnesses. Psychologist John Jemmott III, the lead author, called the findings astonishing given negative results in previous abstinence-only study. Jemmott said the single focus may have been better in encouraging abstinence compared to the other methods in his study. ‘The message was not blended with any other text messages,’ stated Jemmott, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who provides long studied methods to reduce dangerous behavior among inner-town youngsters.Psychotherapy may help your child; you and other members of your loved ones learn ways to reduce the stress or tension that may otherwise trigger an assault. Through cognitive behavioral counseling, your child may also be taught new ways to control the panic or anxiety attack symptoms if they occur. Kids and teens often respond well to a combination of medication and counseling. As a parent, it is your responsibility to find that your son or daughter is evaluated, diagnosed and treated appropriately properly. Remember that panic attacks can be effectively treated and their early treatment can prevent more severe complications, such as agoraphobia, despair, plummeting self-esteem and drug abuse.

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