A tick bite could make you allergic to crimson meat A bug can turn you into a vegetarian.

Among the first cases they saw was a bow hunter who had eaten meat all his life but landed in the emergency department many times with allergies after eating meat. More cases kept turning up in people who were a lot outdoors. It appeared something geographical. We thought at first it might be a squirrel parasite, Commins said. It had taken us some time to sort of put everything together and finger the tick, he said. Dr. Erin McGintee, an allergy expert on eastern Longer Island, an certain region with many ticks, has seen nearly 200 cases over the last three years. At least 30 included kids, and the youngest was 4 or 5 5. She is keeping a database to study the illness with other researchers.Additionally, preclinical data shall be presented at ASCO elucidating the mechanisms of action of galeterone. ‘While other accepted and experimental CRPC therapies action via a single target, galeterone can be differentiated as the just prostate cancer highly drug in advancement that combines three specific mechanisms of action in one substance for a unique multi-target strategy,’ said Martin D. Williams, president and chief executive officer, Tokai Pharmaceuticals.