About the UH College of PharmacyFor more than 50 years.

At TMC, students have the opportunity to train with doctors, students and members of UH clinical faculty. In addition to faculty and staff offices, TMC also houses research labs, classrooms and the Contemporary Pharmacy Practice Laboratory. For more information about UH, visit the university newsroom at.. About the UH College of PharmacyFor more than 50 years, the University of Houston College of Pharmacy aspiring pharmacists, scientists and teachers. The college offers a Pharm degree and a Masters in Pharmacy Administration and Ph.D. In pharmacy and pharmacology. Accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education, it is one of almost 90 pharmacy colleges in the United States, with more than 45 basic science and clinical faculty, nearly 610 adjunct faculty and preceptors and 900 current pre – pharmacy and professional students.

Eceptionist supports scheduling, telemedicine, e – Referral and Triage Management, Disease and Case Management, Care Pathways, records and reports for facilities and hospitals. Eceptionist is used worldwide on a daily basis. Eceptionist customers include the U.S. Military, the National Health Service in Great Britain, the LSU and State of Louisiana Telehealth Program and TelBios in Italy.

Eceptionist,Improving patient care earned UH pharmacy students highest awardswept only by the fourth place of UH in Texas pharmacy association competitionFor projects, asthma management, community wellness, high school outreach and drug identification earned UH College of Pharmacy students the highest award at a recent Texas Pharmacy Association competition.

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