About the UK vaccination programFrom September 2008 http://anafranil.org.

GSK will with the UK with the UK Department of Health to support the successful implementation of the cervical cancer vaccination program.About the UK vaccination programFrom September 2008, the HPV vaccine is routinely recommended for all girls between 12 and 13 years http://anafranil.org . First, there will be a catch-up campaign where girls offered 14 years to under 18 years the vaccine.

Experts believe that neutralizing antibodies, so called 18 which are cancer-causing virus types and prevent them have been infected cells in the cervix are, however, if the infection occurs, there may be precancerous or cervical cancer cancer.9 lead prerequisite for cervical cancer protection, post – vaccination.10-12 The World Health Organization found that found that than the essential basis of vaccine-induced neutralizing antibodies protect against Infektionen.12.

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