Actuary says stats indicate smaller premium increases next year Also.

CBS Information: Obamacare's Impact: Differences Emerge Between Claims Two weeks after the close of open enrollment on the new Obamacare marketplaces, different surveys and research released have provided different estimates of the Affordable Treatment Act's impact on the uninsured. One very clear finding, however, is the disparity between claims that have even more openly embraced the controversial health law and the ones that haven' and have been more likely to reject the Medicaid expansion. More data is needed to assess just how the new laws is impacting health coverage across the nation. However, two research released this week illustrate how it may affect the coverage prices in red claims versus the coverage rates in blue says . The Fiscal Times: ACA-Friendly Says Are Insuring MORE FOLKS In another indication that the Affordable Care Action is working as designed, states which have embraced the president's signature healthcare law are lowering their uninsured prices faster than those that have not.6 % in the first quarter of 2014.We believe these arrangements erode affected person choice and can result in dramatic increases in one form of radiation therapy for prostate cancer tumor, while the usage of other appropriate clinically, significantly less expensive treatments, such as for example radiation seed implants or also ‘watchful waiting, ‘ have disappeared or declined. This may result in unnecessary Medicare spending. In its report released today, MedPAC noted that many doctors have expanded their procedures in recent years to add radiation therapy and additional services included in the ancillary providers exception to the physician self-referral rules, or Stark laws. MedPAC said physician self-referral of solutions in the exception creates incentives to increase volume.