Alaska-Scientists identify a novel antifreeze molecule.

‘It appears paradoxical that we find an antifreeze molecule within an organism that really wants to freeze and that is adapted to freezing,’ stated Barnes, whose extensive research group is involved in locating insects, identifying their strategies of overwintering and identifying the mechanisms that help them complete the winter A possible benefit of this novel molecule comes from it having the same fatty acid that cells membranes do. This similarity, says Barnes, may permit the molecule to become part of a cell wall and protect the cell from internal ice crystal formation. Antifreeze molecules made of proteins may not match cell membranes.A substantial result was obtained despite the fact that the study was closed before its prepared end. Nevertheless, a higher-than-expected advantage was noted in the low-hematocrit group. The primary study findings were consistent with those acquired in the prespecified subgroups. Not unexpectedly for a pragmatic trial in clinical practice that examined the efficacy of different therapeutic targets,22,23 not all patients were taken care of at the assigned hematocrit target. However, the intention-to-treat evaluation showed excellent results despite the variability. In conclusion, among patients with polycythemia vera, maintaining a hematocrit target of less than 45 percent, in comparison with a target of 45 to 50 percent, was connected with a significantly lower price of thrombotic complications without an upsurge in serious treatment complications.

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