As the full year winds down.

Here’s what some top experts predict: Accountable companies take the lead Socially. Brands have become more transparent, and with that comes following a certain amount of social responsibility. Consumers will be attracted to those brands that deliver a consumer-friendly product, while supporting initiatives that align with their particular beliefs and sights also.] Responsible/edible food product packaging. In fact, some companies took this a step additional by using new technologies to produce edible wrappers. In accordance to JWT, a global marketing and advertising company that compiles a craze report every year, Bob’s – – a burger chain in Brazil – – now serves its burgers in product packaging you can consume, while Los Angeles-centered ice cream vehicle brand Coolhaus wraps ice cream sandwiches in edible material.Right now, they are working again, and she no more wears a diaper. Instead, she was looking forward to alternations on a low-cut champagne-colored dress for her junior prom. Now that I’ve had the transplant, my body does what I want it to do actually, she said last week near her house in Middletown, Conn. Now I could go have fun rather than worry about having an accident. Scientists, marveling at how animals like salamanders regenerate dropped limbs, have long toyed with the futuristic possibilities of regrowing hurt or worn-out human parts. Recent discoveries have transformed those expectations into an emerging reality.