But also for applications in drug screening.

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‘Although certain immunizations that target infection-causing bacteria may play a role in somewhat reducing the entire rate of ear attacks, millions of small children will have them still,’ Shapiro said. ‘The consider-home message can be that the common ear infection is an extremely expensive entity with significant financial burdens on the health care system.’ Future research on the ongoing health care cost connected with AOM may include examining the indirect costs, such as work and college days missed, gasoline parking and costs costs for outpatient visits, the researchers said.. AOM connected with significant boosts in direct costs incurred by consumers, health care system Severe otitis media, or ear infection, is the most common ailment among kids of preschool age and more youthful in the U.S., because these children have immature middle-hearing drainage systems primarily, higher exposure to respiratory illnesses and undeveloped immune systems.