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This means that cognitive lifestyle appears to have no impact on the brain changes typically seen in people that have Alzheimer’s disease. However, a dynamic cognitive lifestyle in males was associated with less cerebrovascular disease, specifically disease of the brain’s microscopic blood vessels. An active cognitive lifestyle in females was associated with greater brain weight. In both women and men, high CLS was associated with better neuronal density and cortical thickness in the frontal lobe. These findings suggest that increased engagement in stimulating activities are part of a lifestyle that is, overall, more healthy, commented Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry. Instead of specifically protecting the fitness of activated circuits, it appears that a more active lifestyle has general effects on brain wellness reflected in greater neuronal density and preservation of the blood supply to the brain.5, 2015 – – Getting a flu shot may protect you not only from flu, but also from pneumonia, the leading cause of flu-related hospitalizations and deaths, a new study suggests. Most kids and adults hospitalized for flu-related pneumonia haven’t had a flu shot, the researchers said. Influenza vaccine can substantially reduce the threat of hospitalizations for influenza pneumonia, a significant complication of influenza infections, said lead researcher Dr.