CEO and President at Aeterna Zentaris.

Aeterna Zentaris gets to agreement with FDA for Solorel SPA as a diagnostic check in AGHD Aeterna Zentaris Inc.D., CEO and President at Aeterna Zentaris. At the right time of withdrawal, the trial included 42 individuals with AGHD and ten control topics.From there, hospital employees feed the physical body parts into massive ovens. The complete disgrace of modern medicine: babies as gas for the furnaceWhat this practice displays is definitely that, to the traditional medical system, the worthiness of a full time income human baby is no more than that of a lump of coal. An institution that claims to help save lives is in fact in the business of routinely terminating them and shoveling the lifeless bodies in substantial ovens to lessen their own heating expenses. This must make hospital administrators happy especially, knowing they are able to lower their operating costs by incinerating aborted infants to turn skin, bones, brain tissue and once-beating hearts into BTUs.