Cloning starts when an egg without genetic material is injected with cells with it.

So far, these cells had to to be fresh or frozen and thawed just before injection.In the study, the cells were freeze-dried and stored for three years at room temperature. They were then used by the addition of water and successfully to sheep revived form embryos.The main advantage is that now clinicians can preserve cells with minimal storage costs for long periods. ‘We did not reduction in the viability of the cells during the three years, so theoretically they could be stored indefinitely under optimum conditions,’said study leader Professor Pasqualino Loi, Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Teramo University of Teramo, Italy.

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The Conservatives today explains 5 of 18 recorded for progress made on the key priorities in the Age UK electoral program.The power is to put the probability of of human therapeutic cloning of is one step closer, although it a long way at walk. ‘s, multiple sclerosiss on the OHSU will after nearly a decade of failed attempts, and the researchers are not completely certain why this experimental succeeded in. – Embryonic stem cells are as master cells that to generate potential every cell in the body.

Researchers on the Oregon National Primate Research Centre at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, in the cooperation with a number out of different biomedical research institutions succeed apes embryonic stem cell through an established novel method to of the the core removed egg used.

In 2004, One Korean academics Woo Suk Hwang claimed that on clones embryonic stem cells on humans but its results were later obtained to be a forgery.