Data for the study came from a survey of 74.

Data for the study came from a survey of 74,247 students in all public, private and Catholic middle and high schools in Franklin County, Ohio enrolled.Among the 152 questions of the survey were eight that involved bullying, either as victims or perpetrators. Students about how often they told lies or spread false rumors about other were asked to pushing people around them afraid, or left someone from a group in order to hurt them. They were also asked how often they were the victims of such actions.

But among high school students who reported more than 32 % alcohol, 14 % used cigarettes and 16 % used marijuana.

Still, it was the bullies and bully – victims were the most likely substance users.Radliff said these results could lead to ways to improve anti-bullying initiatives. Many schools are mandating anti-bullying programs and policies, and we think they need to take this opportunity to introduce other forms of deviant behavior, such as tackling drug use, she said.. In addition, the questionnaire asked how often they used cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana. For this study, about those who reported using at least once a month, defined.The results showed that bullying was more common in the middle students than those in high school, while drug use was common among high school students.About 30 % of middle – school students were bullies, victims or victims of bullying, compared with 23 % of respondents in high school.Less than 5 % of middle-school youth work uses cigarettes, alcohol or marijuana.Justin McCracken, Chief Executive of the HPA, instructed the examination, breakout under the chairmanship by Professor George Griffin Professor of diseases and medicine from the University of London St., after the Godstone Farmhouse past summer. – at the same time a revised Merkblatt the Department of Health Department of Health and the HPA.

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