Developing novel therapies made to generate heart cells.

Advancements in stem cell research Scientists in The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston are on the forefront of stem cell study, developing novel therapies made to generate heart cells, restoration traumatic lung accidental injuries, grow new bone and stanch the pass on of cancer cells Click here . Analysis at the UT Wellness Science Center at Houston is targeted on embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. A stem cell is normally a generic cell that has the potential to develop into a specialised cell type and to make copies of itself through cell division. The process of cell specialization is called differentiation. Individual embryonic stem cells are highly versatile and also have the potential to build up into any cell type in the body apart from the placenta.

These outcomes suggest the potential use of Acadra as part of mixture therapy in such indications. Dr. Kenneth Weissmahr comments,’The encouraging non-clinical data is showing the potential of Acadra in Multiple Myeloma and Mantle Cell Lymphoma which increases substantially the marketplace potential of this drug. These results validate our business design and now we anticipate partner the program with a organization that guarantees its advancement to market.’ Acadra was in-certified by Advancell from the University of Barcelona until November 2009, when the Spanish biotech licensed-back its privileges from BTG..