Doctor Offers Back-to-School Health Tips: SUNDAY.

Peter Richel, a pediatrician at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, N.Y., said in a medical center news release. He outlined numerous methods to help children stay healthy through the school year. One important consideration is making sure they get plenty of sleep. We often allow afterwards bedtimes during summer months, usually compensating with later sleeping each morning, but adequate rest cannot be overemphasized once college begins. Bedtime routines have become important, with earlier start times especially. Try not to overbook children with activities, especially younger children. Inadequate rest can lead to lowered resistance, and boost susceptibility to disease, Richel said.Anavex offers filed the regulatory submission to begin clinical research of ANAVEX 2-73.

Acupuncture can help seasonal allergy sufferers Got seasonal allergies? If you’re among the many hay fever victims out there, a fresh study suggests acupuncture will help. Researchers carried out a trial that demonstrated 12 acupuncture remedies could reduce seasonal allergy symptoms and the necessity to take allergy medicine. Health Pup receives acupuncture for discomfort A veterinarian is treating a Floyd County, Virginia dog’s discomfort with acupuncture. David Kaplan reviews. In acupuncture, practitioners place thin solid – – often metallic – – needles at certain points of the body that are then manipulated by the hands or electric stimulation. It’s been practiced in China and other Asian countries for a large number of years, and is used to treat many conditions including headaches, menstrual cramps and chronic pain.