Dr Bill Reith.

Dr Bill Reith, chairman of the Postgraduate Training Committee , said:’the PTC will monitor and recommend standards for specialist training in general practice to PMETB. Certification is an integral part thereof. ‘.

– Dr Mayur Lakhani, chairman of RGCP, said: ‘I’m sorry, we must charge you a fee, and I understand the concerns of the students, however, this is a new process that the RCGP has to be defined, which requires new resources resources It also brings us in line with other Royal Colleges , we will set the fees at the lowest possible level commensurate with the provision of efficient services aim is to ensure that applicants will receive without without delay ‘. – Dr Hamish Meldrum, chairman of the General Practitioners Committee , said: ‘It is unfortunate that charges must be collected, as possible, of the situation and brings us in line with specialist training in other fields I want.Report suggests Of Health – System Pharmacists Task Force recommends Management Strategies Miscellaneous Work Force.

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