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The study online in the American Journal of Public Health was published, that a 10 % increase in cigarette prices pricing 18.2 18.2 % decrease in smoking among people in these groups. The results show that an increase in cigarette taxes could be a way the the smoking, which is still the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, according to the study’s lead author, Michael Ong, an assistant professor of medicine in the division – of general internal medicine and health services research at the Geffen School of Medicine..

In contrast to this research, however, the current study expands the research for people with alcohol and drug use include diseases.. The researchers based their work on data from 7,530 individuals from the 2000-01 Healthcare for Communities Household Survey. Of which had 2106 people or 23 per cent, alcohol, drug or mental illness during the past year. Of this group, 43.8 % were smokers – a much higher proportion than in the rest of the population.

While the study suggests that there may an increase in cigarette prices through taxation to reduce smoking among individuals with alcohol, drug or mental disorders, the authors note that determine if needed to determine if recent cigarette price increases reduced smoking among individuals with such disorders, and whether the identified association is causal.

Prior research on the effect of cigarette prices on smoking, which had been conducted using information from 1991, suggested that people with mental could finish diseases less likely than other individuals because of price increases.18 percent Examines efforts for TB of lower U.S. Immigrants from Mexico tax.

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