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Genetic analysis is done simultaneously to the tumor tissue, for chemotherapy. Achieved in the treatment. It is expected by the reaction can be predicted, which patients are suitable for this limited short treatment. The genetic changes during irradiation is also specify which medications cell-killing cell-killing effect of radiation.. Image guided radiotherapyThe study of the NKI-AVL is a new concept in breast-conserving treatment from. During this treatment, only the tumor, rather than the entire breast is irradiated. A short irradiation schedule be. Using imaging techniques with a CT scan on the linear accelerator The tumor response to treatment can be measured with PET and MRI spectrometry.

Breast-conserving studies.. Three European cancer centers in Paris , Amsterdam and in Stockholm have, in their struggle against cancer joined. In a joint effort, the European Comprehensive Cancer Center Alliance aims to develop and implement innovative strategies to improve the cancer cure and treatment-related side effects. With a strong focus on the combination of rationally designed targeted agents with radiotherapy, ECCCA brings together powerful technological platforms of genomics, proteomics and preclinical evaluation agents identify promising agents for combined use in early clinical trials.Olney says it is probable that the protective role of hypothermia may be achieved in either by cooling her head whole body and by applying a cooling helmet. Washington University in St. Louis 1 Brookings Dr. Campuses Box 1070 St.

Olney research team of previously shown to a little dose of anesthetic drugs for light anaesthetize of an infant mouse for approximately one hour was sufficiently to induce neuroapoptosis. ‘time has been widely believed that advantage anesthesia may be achieved without any negative consequences,’says Olney. ‘But that assumption in question in recent years, called by working from our lab and others over the world. ‘.