Each researcher will receive a 12-month mentored grant of up to $100.

Actelion awards grants to 2011 ENTELLIGENCE young investigators for study in pulmonary arterial hypertension Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. And the ENTELLIGENCE Steering Committee acknowledged four young experts and their mentors because of their efforts in advancing study in PAH. Each researcher will receive a 12-month mentored grant of up to $100,000 in support, funded through the ENTELLIGENCE system backed by Actelion. The announcement was made at an awards luncheon, during which the recipients of the 2011 awards gave an overview of their proposed function. The scope and breadth of these projects conceived by these youthful researchers is very extraordinary.They tend to drink and drive less, and they also tend to become general safer drivers,’ said Jurek Grabowski, AAA’s research director. ‘If they do possess a perceived inability to drive, they have a tendency to self-regulate.’ Which may clarify why 76 % of them favor wellness screenings for older motorists, and 74 % believe older drivers should have to renew their license in person. Billie Bucksbarg, 92 , drives to work most weekdays still. She says she feels great when driving ‘or I wouldn’t become behind it.’ Accident rates among the elderly have been falling for years.