First Inhaled form of insulin launched.

First Inhaled form of insulin launched, UKPfizer Ltd has announced the launch of Exubera? , the first alternative to injections will be available in the UK. Of Exubera welcomes the introduction of Exubera as one of the greatest medical advances since the discovery of insulin in the 1920s, said Simon O’Neill, Director of Care and Policy at Diabetes UK.

It was also the first time that acute mountain sickness and the pronounced decline in oxygen saturation were not established to nocturnal respiratory disturbances such as reduced or irregular and regular ventilation, but rather to an impairment of gas exchange in the lung associated. These new findings contribute to a better understanding of unpleasant and even dangerous effects of the altitude that can affect the performance and endanger the pursuit of peaks.

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Cervical cancer is a major cause of cancer death in female worldwide. But in countries with organized screening programs for cervical cancer, incidence of and mortality fall significantly.

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