First injected had to destroy the patient s immune system with chemotherapy.

First injected had to destroy the patient ‘s immune system with chemotherapy, they injected them with their own stem cells that had been chemo. Chemo. This seeded a new immune system. autologous autologous non – myeloablative hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. .

Scientists Reverse Early MS patients ‘ own stem cellsA small study in a U.S. Hospital where patients with early MS had their own immune stem cells back into your body is transplanted reversed the neurological dysfunction of the initial phase have the disease by their immune systems to ‘reset.’The scientists said the results should be confirmed now with a larger, randomized trial.– ‘We show what happens the brain when man to swallow the pride, ‘Tabibnia said. ‘The region is brain be generally allocated by Even – control element is enabled and the nausea – related region indicates less a answer. ‘ ‘If we can adjust our sense of insult to, almost 37,000 yes which the insult to offer, saying the money, ‘Liberman. UCLA Calif. Is the largest university in, with an enrollment of nearly 37,000 students and graduates. The UCLA the College of Letters and Science and of the University 11 Occupation school feature renowned faculty members and offer over 300 study programs and majors. UCLA is national and international level leader in the Lat and awarded teaching quality, research, health, training and athletic programs. Four alumni and five teachers been with the Nobel Prize..

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