Food safety awareness campaign called Food Safe Start families.

As part of this same effort – to foodborne food-borne illnesses – the USDA and FDA came with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control in conjunction with the Ad Council, food supply. Food safety awareness campaign called Food Safe Start families. The goal is to strengthen families, their risk of foodborne illness in the home by reducing these safety steps: clean, separate, cook and chill.

The new brochures and awareness campaign a small part of of a major effort of public health measures introduced by President Barack Obama administration placed to prevent foodborne illness, improve consumer knowledge to safeguard their food and their food supply. These measures support the three principles of the President Food Safety Working Group developed: strengthening surveillance and enforcement, prioritizing prevention and improving response and recovery.In responsive to the results SafeKids States and Johnson and Johnson is sponsorships the national information campaign about the youth Sport Safety on the national on a national Awareness Programme initiated in 2013. The aim of this campaign was coach and Liga organizers of to help the knowledge and abilities, the safety of child in sport.