Forward-Looking Statements Statements herein relating to future financial or business performance dapoxetine purchase.

Forward-Looking Statements – Statements herein relating to future financial or business performance, conditions or strategies and other financial and business matters, including expectations regarding revenues, operating expenses, cash burn, and clinical developments and anticipated milestones in the future looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act. Novavax cautions that these forward-looking statements are subject to numerous assumptions, risks and uncertainties that may change over time. Among the factors that could cause actual results to materially discussed in the forward-looking statements or historical experience, our ability to and uncertainties, including the Company’s ability, all product candidates progress in preclinical or clinical trials, the scope, rate and progress of its preclinical and clinical trials and other research and development activities, results of clinical trials, actual results may not predict future earnings the the data from preclinical studies or clinical trials is positive, the product may not be safe and effective; is Novavax the pilot plant largely validation and FDA inspections, delays delays and increased costs, our ability in the future enter collaborations with partners from industry and the government and the terms, timing and success of such cooperation, the costs of filing, prosecution, defense and enforcement of any patents and other intellectual property rights, our ability to Inc dapoxetine purchase . To get on technologies, competition for clinical resources and patient enrollment from drug candidates in development by other companies with greater resources and visibility, our ability to generate sufficient obtain financing in the future through product licensing, co – funding arrangements, public or private equity or debt financing or not, the maturity of the Bonds on 15 July 2009, with terms and conditions, competition, business skills and judgment of personnel and availability of qualified personnel. – Source Further information on the factors and affect affect Novavax the company, financial conditions and results of operations is contained in Novavax filings with the U.S.: Novavax, Inc.

Under separate agreements that are in the process of negotiation by both companies, ROVI will receive exclusive licenses for portable Novavax VLP vaccine technology to flu vaccines in Spain and Portugal, market and non-exclusive licenses in Europe, Latin America and Africa. In addition, share purchase agreement share purchase agreement today ROVI has committed a $ 3,000 involvement in Novavax at $ 2.74 per share, representing a premium of 10 percent 29th to In June 2009 to make closing bid price on the NASDAQ Global Market. Additional clinical development funds will be contributed by ROVI if required. In addition, the State Andalucia ROVI to assist in the construction of a new VLP vaccine plant in the city of Granada and bring it on-line in 2012 at a cost of approximately 20 million euros. The plant, with certain licensed manufacturing rights from Novavax, is expected. Provide enough manufacturing capacity to service Spain and other parts of Europe, Latin America and Africa Details of the commercial terms between ROVI and Novavax announced once the final contracts are expected to be completed and milestones and royalties to be extended. Rahul Singhvi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Novavax, stated: We are honored to Spanish Ministry of Health Spanish Ministry of Health and ROVI Pharmaceuticals is to develop pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccine for Spain, the world’s eighth largest economy with more than 43 million people. We are pleased to found an excellent partner in ROVI the deep knowledge of the local vaccine markets and significant vaccine manufacturing experience have. This is the first opportunity to export our technology to Europe, following the recent joint venture with Cadila Pharmaceuticals in India and is further validation of our unique in – border vaccine supply offering. This influenza vaccine supply solution consisting of our VLP technology and portable manufacturing avoids the use of chicken eggs produced vaccines for new strains quickly, and promises less expensive, in cross-border production capacity. We will continue to to discuss ways to implement with other pharmaceutical companies and governments, this compelling influenza vaccine technology around the globe.

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Wife AHF India Cares Launches ‘ LOVE Condom ‘ CampaignAIDS Healthcare Foundation launched its ‘LOVE Condom ‘ campaign by an event now at the New Delhi at the 18 regional July 2009. The campaign involves the free distribution of AHF ‘ Love widget brand condoms, and a ‘Stay Negative feedback ‘ public service ad campaign. Bollywood actor Ronit Roy Guest of Honour guest of honor at today’s opening session. The event begins at Metropolitan Hotel Nikko, New Delhi. This campaign is starting start HIV AIDS education in India. – RHF which the greatest community-based alternate HIV and sexually transmitted diseases works an innovative an innovative and eye-catching Delhi / NCR HIV prevention and testing campaign started the insistence of the public in order Suites negatives and attend to figure out where quickly been tested, order to get comfortable and without cost of. Ms. By Terri Ford, Junior Global Policy Director, AIDS Healthcare Foundation States, current on a mission to India campaigns for those world campaign as a fresh start, by Dr. Re the critical point in the condom is in the front-line efficiently Global AIDS. Prevention and Control ‘ O rupee saved life of – so there is no reason to not free of charge condom with easy access, it is the most cost-effective HIV prevention that there combined effort promoting distribution of condoms are are community testing and universal. Bring access access to antiretroviral the treatment new infections dramatic. .