Francesco Lo-Coco.

The main demographic, clinical, and biologic characteristics of these 156 patients are shown in Desk 1Table 1Demographic, Clinical, and Biologic Features of the Individuals at Diagnosis. There have been no significant variations in the baseline characteristics between your two cohorts. The disposition of the sufferers, including known reasons for exclusion, is usually illustrated in Physique 2Figure 2Research Enrollment, Randomization, and Retention. 12).61). Both these patients could possibly be evaluated for a molecular response after consolidation therapy was presented with off protocol; thus, these were included in the intention-to-treat evaluation .62). Severe differentiation syndrome happened in 10 patients .Topics of the Digital Pharma & Existence Sciences Network The Digital Pharma & Life Sciences partner network, founded by Microsoft and BearingPoint, shows strategies and IT solutions for the chemical, pharmaceutical and lifestyle sciences market at its annual conference with exhibition. Regarding to current IT tasks and Executive Briefing Classes, where Microsoft and companions discuss with customers the strategic and technological relevance of innovations, three topics came out: Life Research: Global data and details management Research and Development: Automation and consolidation of R&D procedures Collaboration: Flexible tools for cross-organization and cross-program collaboration These three topics become increasingly important looking at the opportunities which can be found by central information system, artificial intelligence and blogging platforms 2.