Home Pesticide Use Linked with Child Cancer Risk: MONDAY.

Overall, children who’d been exposed to any indoor insecticides were 43 % to 47 % more likely to have leukemia or lymphoma, the findings showed. Outdoor insecticides were not from the cancers. Kids subjected to weed killers, in the meantime, had a 26 % higher threat of leukemia, the investigators found. Those figures may appear alarming, but Khatib said it is critical to keep them in perspective. ‘That could mean that instead of one in 10,000 kids developing leukemia, you’d have about 1.5 in 10,000,’ he described. ‘It’s a very little risk,’ Khatib added. Still, he said, it’s a risk factor that can be avoided. ‘I think it’s important to get this info out to parents, and permit them use their own best judgment,’ Lu said.Federal regulations usually do not address trace levels of pharmaceuticals in drinking water and critics state that the price of filtering the water to such a level would be astronomical. But, what effect could these trace levels of drugs be having on the public folks of the world? Asking pharmaceutical companies whether their products being in drinking water has a negative effect does no good; the answer no is often. Another side of the problem is the required addition of certain chemicals to drinking water by state and local governments. Fluoride, the ingredient found in toothpaste, is one which is of growing concern all across america and one that many are fighting to become removed from their water source for several thought provoking factors.