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Knowledge of how the process occurs could enable researchers to more strategic design technologies such as gene chips. For example, says de Pablo, if a researcher wanted to sequences, very quickly or high-efficiency could he or she be placed certain bases in specific locations, so that the hybridization reaction could occur faster or more secure design tie.

At the moment, with high efficiency other, they bind and the entire molecule hybridizes rapidly and in a highly organized way. Conversely into repeating sequences that alternate regularly bases bind the group that bind to these sequences by a so-called diffusion process. ‘The two strands of DNA somehow find each other, they connect with each other in no particular order, and then they will move past each other for a long time to find the exact complement each other in the right order, and then hybridize,’says de Pablo.. The researchers studied both random and repetitive base sequences.To better to explosive of autism, it is crucial, We consider how poor diet disturb the body’s ability, make up toxic chemicals and ultimately our risk for the development long-term health problems such as autism. .

Dufault , who is also a licensed special education teacher and founder of the Food Ingredient or Health Research Institute Remarks:. ‘explosion autistic rates , our public educational system to under extreme stress. ‘.