In conservative societies.

Abortion Statistics Over time and Trends Abortions are one of the most discussed and controversial topics in virtually any society . In conservative societies, even today abortion is considered a taboo. In other societies, abortion is discussed more freely. Yet, there are several myths associated with it. Today is legal generally in most countries of the world Abortion. Here are some interesting statistics about abortion that reflect the tendencies in this process: – If we had been to consider the number of abortions happening each day in the whole world, this number would amount to 1,25,000, regarding to WHO statistics.

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., a leader of anti-abortion Democrats inside your home, said the administration’s actions should convenience fears that medical care law would open up a spigot of federal government funding for abortion. ‘New Mexico can be an example of where the executive order in fact worked,’ Stupak said, referring to that state’s reversal on allowing insurance of elective abortion. ‘They have made it very clear abortions will not be covered.’ The Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan, launched earlier this month, will provide insurance to uninsured people rejected because of a medical problem.