In normal cells MLL four four proteins comprising the W RAD group to a molecular switch.

In normal cells MLL four four proteins comprising the W – RAD group to a molecular switch, DNA packaging events listed, the white blood cells form controls create. When the switch MLL is broken, white white blood cells properly what properly, which. A dangerous proliferation of abnormal cells.

In the course of her research to better understand MLL, a protein switch the formation of white blood cells help Cosgrove’s research group discovered a new molecular switch within the MLL complex, which they labeled W – RAD. ‘We thought that MLL was the only switching mechanism in this protein complex,’Cosgrove said. ‘However , we have discovered the complex is really two switches. ‘.Though the immunity lasting mouse mice the life of, it will probably does not lifelong protection of people, but it may are booster vaccinations boosters, cover told, the newspaper writes. Volume Seattle Times, SBRI is flooded with calls and e-mails last year when plans for the local body e – volunteer can participate in the malaria vaccine trials , the facility will not be opened until mid-2013 the first attempt the first attempts for Hat vaccine tentative January in January at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Maryland. U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval is required.

Vaccine against malaria MVI Use Weakened Malaria Parasite To Human Trials begin.

When the first vaccine was administered, Maryland Hamel, head of malarial branch office Kemri / CDC and principal investigator on the phase III malaria vaccine candidate survey, said:’This is very exciting moment, the culmination of over intense-intensive in malaria vaccine. When RTS, S works as well as in prior studies is their his introduction in hundreds of thousands of human lives saved. ‘According to Business Daily / told allAfrica. The phase III study show ’email of 6-12 weeks and a second aged 5-17 months ago- – various Sending setup over a wide geographic regional ‘(Menya.