In November 2007.

In November 2007, the Shapiro’s one Lifetime Achievement Award of the Society for Neuro-Oncology, the second such award given by the organization. The award recognizes the Shapiros as pioneers in neuro – oncology, which are essential to the understanding and management of brain tumors contributed.

Posted by Brian Skotko, clinical genetics fellow at Children’s Hospital Boston, the article shows a steady decline the number of babies with Down syndrome born since the introduction of prenatal diagnosis and the question arises: ‘How new available available baby with Down syndrome slowly disappear ‘?. Understanding the effects of Prenatal Testing for Down syndromepromise with new prenatal tests for Down syndrome on the horizon, safer, more precise , and for women earlier in the pregnancy, the medical community must come together and impact in a dialogue on the commitment the existing and expected tests argues a new leading article Online First by Archives of Disease in Childhood published.Statins are the most commonly prescribed medications may be administered to around the world and due to their low toxicity as prophylactic. There are a substantial amount of assistance for the use of statins than influenza A Medication. During 2007 was found statins reduced dramatically risk by flu deaths2. An overall influenza Expert Member realized that statins able in in influenza patients, statin drugs are inexpensive can be to be stored and was provided on the first pandemic day3.

announced it has commissioned a team of experts, which resulted by Dr. Akihiro Shimosaka, with their plans for essential collaborations support to license, manufacture and sell her H1N1 Swine flu statin is antiviral. The team is present. In negotiations with the Department of Disease Control and Emergency Response, which CDC and of the SFDA to China with a view to engaging in large – scale clinical studies and gains marketing authorization on behalf of Canopus BioPharma.

Research performed by Canopus in the the past five years in both the U.S. And China, identify statin than efficient and effective formulating to prevention and treatment influenza infection, particularly H1N1, H5N1 and H3N2.