In order to evaluate the impact of religiosity on mortality and morbidity rates.

Aetna to partner with Microsoft on the new online Personal Health Records for membersofficers Aetna and Microsoft on Monday announced Partners in November to start a new program with which some six million Aetna members will have access to their personal health records online The AP / Minneapolis Star Tribune reports (AP / Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Democratic candidates Chris Jennings, a consultant to the Democratic candidate, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton , it is hard to can not ensure, access to high quality, if you do not have access to coverage. He added: You all need to have the same system, so that everyone can contribute and everyone is covered when they are sick. Clinton would require that all residents obtain health insurance, said Jennings. He added that health education should to make more cultural and linguistic competence Hispanics are more comfortable when talking with doctors. Proposed suggested increasing mandatory spending on public hospitals and health centers that provide care for undocumented immigrants.In order to evaluate the impact of religiosity on mortality and morbidity rates, the investigators looked at the variables including self-report of religious frequency of church service there, and religious firmness and comfortable in relation to coronary heart disease and death of. Time is important to keep in that the study does not attempt for measuring spirituality, it considered them self – account piety actions . Ts answered three main issues at registration regarding:..

Results published in Psychology and Health, collected data from users, is based the many religious groups drawn span. Research was Health by Eliezer Schnall, clinical assistant a professor of psychology at Yeshiva College of Yeshiva University, and Sylvia water portion – Smoller, professor of epidemiology and health at Einstein co-wrote, performed as a service ancillary trial of the Women’s initiative . The WHI is of a national, long-term study oriented to address the health of women and funded by the National Institute of Health.. Postmenopausal women participate in religious service Sharp Cut risk of the death.

A study by researchers at Yeshiva University and its medical school, Albert Einstein College of Medicine was published in regular attendance of that the regular attendance at worship reduces the risk of of the death from about 20 %.