In the development of air traffic optimization model.

In the development of air traffic optimization model, the researchers new ways new ways reduce delays and cancellations. For example, they will explore the possibility of making the airlines for slots bartering, if not get get could be a flight from the ground and others do this. The idea is a comprehensive optimization model, balance and flexibility makes the decisions so what we successfully use that slack in the system, we can have Caramanis said. Our model is autonomous re – configurability, the ability the adapt to new information on his own.

Metan provides nutrition by improving endothelial function and the maintenance of blood flow in vessels, which are essential nutrients and oxygen lead to the peripheral nerves.. About medical Foods and MetanAs regulated by the FDA, medical foods are designed specifically to a specific disease or condition for which medical evaluation, recognized scientific principles recognized scientific principles, different dietary Management has determined requirements. All components of a medical food must be called GRAS by the FDA or as independent review.

Metan is a medical food by prescription and indicated for the different nutritional requirements of patients with endothelial dysfunction who present with loss of protective sensation and neuropathic pain associated with diabetic neuropathy.Researchers in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Johnson Space Center Houston studied the stability of fatty acids, amino acids and vitamines in supplements and in food a long-term space aboard the International Space Station . Test items contain tortillas, tonsils and dried apricots, commercially packaged salmon, freeze-dried broccoli baked, multivitamins and of vitamin D preparations. ‘Destruction of even one single vitamin and nutrient in the space production of food could be catastrophic to astronauts in a three-year flight to Mars ‘ Vitamin D. Perchonok, head of NASA shuttle food system and member of the the Institute of Food Technologist.

Scientist speculate that long-term storage and / or rays out of the room around may impair nutrients in foodstuffs. Their results showed:.

New research on Journal of Food Science investigates the effects space to to nutritional value of foods. Health maintenance of the crew aboard of a spaceship is a critical issue particularly during long trips. Since foods can lose its nutrients during extended space missions be are analysis possibilities order to increase the shelf life of nutrients in the diet.