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In the meantime, said Sens. Ron Wyden, D – Oregon, and Bob Bennett, who co-sponsored legislation in the past year to health care reform of the Washington Post David Broder that finding a key to financing the bill would Be you is the easiest bipartisan bipartisan support. As Wyden put it, The country is about the level of debt we are piling up worry, you hear it in town meetings and see it in the polls. That is why we show that is affordable. .

President Barack Obama said later that Obama showed interest Baucus ‘ republican counterpart, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the concept said had potential. .. A plan to pool the ownership of health insurance cooperatives draws groups of residents and small businesses owned renewed hope that, a bipartisan public plan bill Congress with broad support itted Press reported pass. – you were charitable, and without the involvement of the government that problems Republicans and business groups with the public plan options The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Max Baucus of Montana , said Wednesday that the idea could be the key to. A bipartisan health care Baucus raised it in a meeting with U.S.Hanein and Dr. Krylov be team of, is a very small nanometer scale tubular much larger micron range MEMS equipment added to. Small deformations the crystal structure of pipes Sign changing at the motion of the nano – supply provide amplitude of the movement by an electrical pulse. It’s such a little thing, Prof. Hanein say. However of our resolution, us will be able to sense movement of objects as small as some atoms. – Originally designed mainly for the automotive industry, miniature sensor everywhere around us, says Prof. We were able to produce a new appliance where the nano structures a high surface a large surface area. They can in one positioned arranged is no human intervention, so that it may lighter make this nano – sensing tubes we are ride where we always require they up to go, peer review could be.

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