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In the study it was found that a protein that yeast used order of protein aggregation , called Hsp104 protect, dramatically reduced both the formation of alpha-syn aggregates and the degeneration of neurons in the brain of a rat Mdoel of PD. In vitro studies have shown that not only prevent Hsp104 alpha-syn aggregate formation, but also interacted with mammalian proteins to disassemble them. The authors therefore suggest that Hsp104 can be considered as a possible strategy for the treatment of patients with PD, for further studies on the safety of introducing Hsp104 into the brain.

Centromeres, says Azor? In Drosophila and in humans affecting chromosome segregation during cell division may contribute to diseases and birth defects. Thus, errors in centromere function on chromosome instability and aberrant cell division, frequently observed in frequently observed in cancer cells. Observed given the essential functions of the CenH3 centromere during cell division and which similarities in centromere structure and function in all eukaryotes, provided insights into the Drosophila centromere stability through Azor? N the group, contributing to our understanding of the genetic basis of cancer.

From bacteria to humans, all living things share is based on the capacity of a cell into two or more identical daughter cells.Some people say that problem be say especially to poor nutrition , others because of the lack of physical activity. The problem is likely due to a combination of both. Poor eating and inactivity.

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