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Top choices of helpful foods include coffee beans, berries, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels, sprouts etc., dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, flaxseeds, garlic, grapes, green tea, soy, tomatoes and whole grains. Being obese raises the risk of post menopausal cancer. An adult weight gain of 22 to 44 pounds raises the chance by 50 percent and a gain over 45 pounds raises the chance by 87 percent. Excess stomach fat is dangerous say experts also. Healthy lifestyle during cancer chemotherapy is important for better response and longer survival say experts also..Strict testing All the substances undergo rigorous tests to find that no chemical substance or other unwanted materials is entering the creation process. A variety are done by them of screening like 4-polarity resonance testing etc. Excipient free They do not use any filler or binder with the nutritional supplements or food concentrates. It has been seen that binders or fillers found in such products may be harmful for your body. Some of these excipients may even suppress the disease fighting capability and cause numerous kinds of cancers. Quantum coherence The lab is certainly guided by the fact that whatever nutritional supplement or food concentrate is going into the body that must be able to restore the standard quantum coherence of your body’s inherent biofield. They think that by providing excipient free of charge, live sourced nutrients of pristine quality that match the frequency of the targeted concern the body will be able to restore the quantum coherence of its biofield and end all the maladies that are afflicting the body.