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The first model for studying the development of testicular cancer in Humansscientists have a model that will allow them to examine, is first developed, how human testes develop in baby boys while they are in the womb. Until now it has been impossible to testis development study during pregnancy in humans and this discovery will enable researchers, the processes that can understand the emergence of testicular germ cell tumors lead into young adulthood, and how factors such as common environmental chemicals, might play a role ed dysfunction treatment .

For this reason and because there is no other possibility, the researchers obtained ethical approval testes from fetuses, in 9 weeks and between 14-18 weeks gestation was aborted take. The women gave consent in accordance with national guidelines. None of the dismissals were related fetal malformations.

– Professor Andrew Podger is arguing that despite the profound changes of Australia healthcare system still significant gaps and unresolved issues. He believes, In If easily handled, many during the implementation period during the implementation phase. Professor of Podger has the former secretary the Department of Health and Aged Care.