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Our experience with ablative treatment and then observation suggests that the final results of the transplant concluded not dependent on the primary tumor but more on wait for transplantation, Roberts online pharmacy . It seems logical that smaller and / or less tumors, although more likely to have spread, would also benefit from the time when the primary tumor can be controlled. The waiting period may be able to decrease the 10 percent recurrence rate seen in patients transplanted within Milan.

The UCSF team a ‘ downstaging approach for patients with large tumors with large tumors These include radiofrequency ablation, chemoembolization or both the tumor the tumor , and then to determine a required waiting time on tumor biology over time, such as the. Development of intrahepatic or extrahepatic spread. Observed This paradigm results in about 30 percent of patients who are unsuitable for transplantation because of HCC progression, but those who have to transplant the excellent results than in patients with tumors outside Milan criteria, which are not treated transplanted compared. Median time between the first ablative procedure and transplantation was 8.2 months with a range of 3-25 months. This approach suggests that allows the test of time the safest way to identify patients with HCC, – the results good transplantation select. Roberts argues that this approach, ablation the tumor and waiting, should all patients for transplantation with hepatocellular carcinoma as the test of time can be extended lists to eliminate from transplantation patients whose disease is likely to to repeat after the transplant.

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