Leishmaniasis: This disease is caused by the bite of an infected sand flies.

– Leishmaniasis: This disease is caused by the bite of an infected sand flies, and it can cause serious disfiguring skin lesions as cutaneous infection, or it may cause fatal injury to internal organs as visceral infection. About 12 million people are currently infected, with a few rare cases of cutaneous infection reporting in Oklahoma and Texas. NIH spent $ 16,000 on this disease, CDC spent $ 2 and DOD spent $ 6.2 million.

– Dengue fever: This is an infection caused by mosquitoes the high fever and severe muscle pain is widespread causes, dengue is a lethal complication. Approximately 50 million new cases are expected to occur every year. NIH $ 14 million in $ 26,000 to dengue fever, another $ 2 spent by the CDC and $ 14 million DOD.

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