Medical teams are paying close attention to another organ: their hearts.

Overactive bladder can be characterised by urinary urgency with or without bladder control problems, in the presence of frequency and nocturia generally. OAB is usually a common condition and the prevalence boosts with age. Diagnosis involves background and physical evaluation, urinalysis, measurement of post-void residual urine quantity and assessment of a bladder diary. OAB can be successfully treated in the general practice setting via behavioural modifications and usage of anticholinergic medications. Referral of patients to a urologist or urogynaecologist is definitely indicated for those who are refractory to treatment or in whom the analysis of OAB is certainly unclear.. AHA statement addresses varied cardiac evaluation and administration of transplant patients As thousands of Us citizens await a life-saving kidney or liver transplant, medical teams are paying close attention to another organ: their hearts.Health care. Related StoriesStudy: 10 percent of health care providers prescribe antibiotics for sufferers with chilly, bronchitis or additional ARIMU HEALTHCARE wins global HIMSS Business Nicholas E. Davies Award of ExcellenceFalcon Physician wins Gold Stevie Award in IT Department of the Year category The correct exchange of health info across our bodies through health it can improve coordination of treatment and facilitate a collaborative method of keeping sufferers healthier. But we have to do more, said Reisman.