More Men With Breast Cancer Having Second Breasts Removed: WEDNESDAY.

More Men With Breast Cancer Having Second Breasts Removed: – WEDNESDAY, Sept. 2, 2015 – – There has been sharp rise in the number of American males with cancer in one breast who have surgery to remove their cancer-free breast, a fresh study said. The analysis authors said this is actually the first research to identify this trend in men, which has been occurring in American women for days gone by two decades herbal viagra pills . The increase in the rate of the costly, serious procedure with no evidence of survival advantage comes, paradoxically, at a time of greater emphasis on quality and value in cancer care, said study head Dr.

‘It’s something everyone should know about.’ Doctors say the brand new test opens doors for better diagnoses. ‘We have the capability to not only just consider the breast but in fact look through and around structures we weren’t in a position to see before,’ stated Dr. Elizabeth Rafferty, director of breast imaging at Massachusetts General Medical center. When compared to traditional 2D image, studies found it increases a doctor’s capability to spot malignancy by 7 %. The 3D mammogram also reduces the number of women called back when a result is unclear.