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The organization developed a plan that it hopes every year dramatically reduce the more than 500,000 pregnancy or childbirth deaths, the estimated nine million every year each year as well as the estimated 76 million unintended pregnancies each year. Middleberg writes. And World Report, Gender equity issues are of particular importance to this initiative, and the U.S. Should health interventions health interventions control by women themselves. added that adds that Obama has clearly established that the United Nations Millennium Development Goals is to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates of his presidency of his presidency. We have the tools for these laudable goals are achieved, but the United States needs to take much clearer and substantive leadership role, said Middleberg concluded that in his early days in office Obama has solid indications that provide that leadership provide that leadership made available, and to help the civil society members of the global health community ready to deliver the results (Middle mountain, RH Reality Check..

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– Jian Lin, a WHOI senior scientists in the geology of and geophysics, While the shaking was big but not huge, there were factors which factors that are more disastrous: First, is was in the mid a 10 miles southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and secondly, the shaking was as flat – only about 10-15 kilometers under the land surface, thirdly and especially, a lot of houses and buildings in the economically poor state were not built to such a power withstanding and crumble or burst.. Worst case Quake encountered Add Complex, Active Seismic region ofThe magnitude 7.0 earthquakes devastating destruction and mount the death toll in Haiti this week encountered in a highly complex labyrinth of tectonic fractures near intersection of the Caribbean and North America crustal plates raised to about a tremor expert at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution , did faults faults of the region and around the world.