New Jersey state legislature on Thursday a bill sildenafil citrate 100mg.

New Jersey state legislature on Thursday a bill , which the state wants $ 270,000 loan for the development of human embryonic stem cell research and facilities in the state, the Times Times reports – would provide $ 50 million for a stem cell research center in Camden, also $ 50 million for research using adult stem cells Center in Newark $ 150 million for a research institution in New Brunswick (Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report, the legislation would / and $ 10 million in the Garden State Cancer Center in Belleville and $ 10 million in the Elie Katz Umbilical cord blood program Allendale, AP International Herald Tribune reports assign sildenafil citrate 100mg . CBS News, that he looks forward to signing the bill, the government can unused unused bonding capacity. The legislation is a huge opportunity for New Jersey and its biomedical industry, said Corzine (Delli Santi, AP / International Herald Tribune, one senior Corzine administration official said the administration plans to make $ 10 million in state funding for grants with, $ 7,000 would embryonic stem cell research, the AP / CBS News reports (Hester, AP / CBS News.

Other provisionsIllinois: a bipartisan group of five state lawmakers proposed at a press conference Thursday, providing $ 25,000. Annually in state funding for five years for stem cell research, including human embryonic stem cells, which reports AP / Bellville News-Democrat State House Republican Leader Tom Cross at the press conference suggested two bills – of which $ 25,000 would provide from tobacco lawsuit settlements for stem cell research in 2008 came , told supporters of the measures gained six votes in the Diet as a result of November elections , Beth Coulson and Caroline Krause . State Sen. Bill Brady said that money for embryonic stem cell research puts taxpayer resources where they do the most good. Governor Rod Blagojevich in a statement said he supports the bills (AP / Bellville News-Democrat, Blagojevich in July 2005 signed an executive order that $ 10 million in state funding for stem cell research director and founded the Illinois Regenerative Medicine Institute, which the state Department of Public Health monitors to distribute the grants for research. This program allows research on embryonic, adult and cord blood stem cells – lines, but there is no research All Rights Reserved. Cloning, human tissue or or sold or or tissue from aborted embryos or fetuses. Blagojevich in July ordered $ 5,000 in additional funds for the program (Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report.

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