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Tomatoes are a fantastic source for antioxidant, minerals and vitamins that your skin requires in its fight against harmful bacteria. They help the skin in rebuilding its tissues also. A good way to use tomatoes is this; slice the tomatoes into little slice. Make sure there is definitely juice in the slice; rub it on the affected area of your skin. Do that as your last routine before going to bed. It will get rid of your scars gradually.An error at one stage along the gene causes the procedure where the genetic code is definitely converted to proteins to become abruptly halted, meaning that creation of dystrophin is stopped. Without the protein, muscles cells break down and die, causing disability and early loss of life. The DNA ‘patch’ will bind itself to the faulty DNA and become a ‘bridge’ over it, so the code instructing dystrophin proteins to be made can continue steadily to work. Rather than the process being halted altogether at the main point where the error occurs, the inserted DNA will ‘bridge’ the faulty region, allowing the process to keep almost as regular.