On board the Aura satellite.

The instrument measured the 2014 ozone hole at the lowest at 95 Dobson units on 8 October of this year. Slightly from NOAA’s balloon-borne ozone observations from the South Pole because OMI measures ozone over the entire Antarctic region.. NASA currently measures ozone in the stratosphere with the Dutch – Finnish Ozone Monitoring Instrument, or OMI, on board the Aura satellite. OMI is a NASA legacy of monitoring the ozone layer from space, is from 1972 with the introduction of the Nimbus – 4 satellite.

Caloric intake and increasing physical activity in this population, said Richard B. Devereux, senior author of the study and professor of medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City. To The ozone layer protects the planet’s surface from damaging UV radiation ozone depletion leads to more incoming radiation hit the surface, raises the risk of skin cancer and other harmful effects.. Levels of most ozone-depleting chemicals in the atmosphere have been gradually declining as the result of the Montreal Protocol of 1987, of these chemicalsn international agreement to protect the ozone layer. The international treaty caused the phase-out of ozone-depleting chemicals , which had been widely used in refrigeration, as solvents and in aerosol spray cans.

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