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With respect to stereotactic body radiation therapy , Dr. Zietman stated that the treatment, which pinpoints high dosages of radiation to the prostate over a couple of days instead of weeks, shows promise as a noninvasive way to get rid of prostate cancer. However, he cautioned that SBRT required further research in clinical trials to capture quality and survival of existence measures. ‘Prostate cancer may be the number 1 cancer diagnosed in guys. I applaud MEDCAC for learning this important concern and appreciate the chance to take part in the forum,’ Dr. Zietman said.. ASTRO President speaks on radiation therapy for treatment of prostate cancer tumor at MEDCAC meeting ASTRO President Anthony Zietman, M.D., spoke before the Medicare Evidence Advancement and Insurance Advisory Committee conference today on radiation therapy for treatment of localized prostate cancers.He knows the difference a dedicated trainer could make through focused personal accountability and attention. The problem is certainly many people can’t afford to employ a life trainer or personal trainer. And sometimes their objective is already defined plus they don’t really need full-scale coaching. Just what exactly are they to accomplish? That’s where BeMyNudge comes in. Schack released this service to provide an inexpensive and accessible choice that bridges the large gap between what can be very expensive one-on-one training or teaching and automated, impersonal solutions. BeMyNudge establishes a personal connection with an experienced coach who nudges clients by holding them accountable and assisting persistently, complicated and encouraging them. BeMyNudge assists clients stick to track to reach their goals by offering a range of services from extremely focused telephone conversations to personal email messages.