The resultant product initiates dead-cell removal, emulating dead-cell clearance mechanisms which function in-vivo to keep tissues working optimally. This technology is step-changing, providing new possibilities to optimise cell development, culture and storage. The capability to selectively remove inhibitory or toxic lifeless cells using a simple and rapid procedure results in radically improved cell populations; specifically, with regard to viability antibody/protein yield and consequent practical efficacy. Founded in 1987, AMS Biotechnology is acknowledged today as a leading company adding to the acceleration of discovery through the provision of cutting-edge life research technology services and products for research and advancement in the medical, diet, energy and cosmetics industries.We follow a particular criteria while selecting the candidates. ? Whatever may be the post, you ought to have at least a minimum experience of twelve months. Only experienced candidates are selected for the post. ? The communication abilities of the candidate should be strong. They should be capable enough to develop a firm understanding with the client. ? A license should be had by The applicant for whichever post he applies. This is to ensure that no fraud happens with this clients. The basic safety of our customers is our priority.