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Further, the use of saliva cortisol assays to measure free serum cortisol is discussed. Research, product. To associate the direct personal experience of bullying among workers with cortisol response deviations.. The evolutionary adaptations of cortisol effects on the organism under threat or challenge to preserve, learning and memory systems are inhibited immune responses are suppressed, while the threat is expressed. Subjected to increase stress, cortisol. Et al conducted an Some conclusions from the results of such a small sample can be drawn is the characteristics of which is not known from the article. Exclusion of those who have not tested positive for exposure to bullying robbed the study of a control group and with what results, which is a serious error to compare.Family, 8 000 skin carry out the self – testing increase their chances the new melanoma previously. If they are handled an earlier stage of the disease, have a much lower mortality of melanoma, Robinson said.

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