Regarding to an investigative report by VacTruth read article.

African children being used as lab rats in heinous vaccine medical experiments Parents of dozens of African kids severely injured by a combination meningitis vaccine known as MenAfriVac are demanding answers carrying out a recent declaration by government officials that the vaccine was somehow not at fault in the tragedy. Regarding to an investigative report by’s Christina England, at least 500 children in the tiny village of Gouro in Chad were held hostage last December by so-called ‘humanitarian’ groupings, who forced them to receive the deadly MenAfriVac vaccine, which in many of them caused severe convulsions, paralysis, or worse read article .

African conference to look at preventing postpartum hemorrhage deaths April will address ways to prevent deaths from postpartum hemorrhage A meeting in Uganda in early, a respected contributor to Africa’s maternal death rate, the best in the global world. The maternal mortality ratio in Africa reaches crisis level. African ladies of reproductive age have the highest death risk from maternal causes in the global globe, with an average of 830 deaths per 100,000 live births. As it currently stands, the US Millennium Development Objective to lessen maternal mortality in Africa by 75 % by 2015 is a far-reaching focus on. One proven effort to close the gap is to aggressively address one of the least-talked about but largest contributors to the high MMR. Severe bleeding after childbirth, also known as postpartum hemorrhage , is the most fatal complication, accounting for at least one-one fourth of maternal deaths world-wide.